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Made Fresh, Every Order, Every Time

Seriously good local food.

We are Bendigo’s local burger bar serving up delicious murgers every day. Made fresh using your choice of patty and complimented by our range of beverages - We’ve got milkshakes, coffee and beer.

Whether you’re looking to eat in and enjoy the experience or go for takeaway, you’ll leave satisfied and coming back for more.

47-49 View Street, Bendigo

(03) 5441 2918

Trading Hours -

Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Weekdays: 11:30AM - Late

Saturdays: 11AM - Late

Sundays: 11AM - 3PM


Meet Paul

The man behind the murger.

The owner and operator of Boris Murgers.

Paul has spent the last 7 years here in Bendigo, His first job was flipping burgers at a local Macca's in the UK after leaving school at age fifteen. Paul was also a barman in London, and worked his way up to becoming the manager of a well known chain of bars.

He loves Bendigo’s community spirit, and how everyone helps each other out. He also likes how everything is so close, it used to take him 2 hours to travel 9kms in peak traffic in London.

Paul hopes that boris murgers will bring fun, community spirit, jobs, and support for the youth to Bendigo.

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